Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kraylix Slim One Player EVO Official CompetitionMonitor(VH236)

My next cabinet is the Kraylix Slim one player. The slim cabinet will be using the EVO official 23" competition monitor (VH236). It’s the same as the V4 only a lot slimmer. I will  have the VLX/TE version also. Here are some pictures of the draft.

First Prototype

I'm in the process of getiing it paint and will post more picture whent it done.

Here are some pictures of the painted Kraylix slim. The artwork didn't come out to good. It printed to dark.


  1. Are there any updates on this? I've been considering building a portable-ish arcade cabinet based around Madcatz TE and the 'EVO' monitor...since they're both so universal

  2. I'm already selling them at my website.

  3. ops wrong weblink. This is the correct link.

  4. hello I'm from Brazil will be that u could pass me the project with the averages by email if podesse would be grateful because I wanted to ride one of these to me my email: