Friday, September 24, 2010

Working on New Kit (KLX stand)

My next kit is the stand for the VLX stick, which I will call the KLX stand. Here is a rough draft of the stand.

To create a more modern style, I will make the front cabinet's face curve to the contour of the leg.
The two side legs are based on the vewlix legs, but I'm still undecided on which one to use. I have two versions of the legs, skinny and fat...

Skinny legs

Fat legs

Ok, I'm sticking with the fat legs, but I am going to make it a little shorter where it sticks out.
Short fat legs

Some more update on my KLX stand I'm changing the legs to the Z style leg now.
The height from the floor to the top of the CP is pretty much the same as on the vewlix.

OK I been busy but here is the prototype. The cabinet is very stable  and the VLX stick on top will not move during play. You can also put your TE stick or any stick that has the same depth as the TE or VLX stick. Here are some pictures I will start selling them in 2011.

With the TE on top..

KLX STAND Painted....


  1. Nice...I'm guessing the lcd screen will be wall-mounted? Will this be stable enough to handle button-mashing players?

  2. I haven't prototype it yet so I'm not sure. I can alway make the foot extend out longer if it's not stable enough.

  3. Gotcha. If you wanna sell a million of these, give us the option of different control panels. You're on the right track with the fighting stick/cp option, but I'm thinking a driving option CP (basically 2 spinners mounted at an angle for 2-player racing). Also, I love the Vewlix clone...would LOVE the ability to rotate the monitor at will for vertical shooters as well as Visual Pinball. Last thing, are you gonna start shipping pre-painted units at some point for those that want yo do nothing but assemble? Thanks! -SimonBirchNYC

  4. I have no problem adding spinner or changing the CP layout when requested. But to make the monitor rotate vetical is a little tricky. There are so many models of TV it's not possible to make them fit all. I can see myself changing the design very time someon wants a rotating TV..

    The problem if I prepainted I have to ship them fully assemble because I use bondo to seal the crack and holes on the arch and side legs. And once it dry it's not possible to take them apart agian.

    I can ship out the KLX stnad prepainted though.

  5. Thanks Kray. Good news about prepainted KLX. This is meant to be played standing up, correct? If so, try to work in an exit port for the HDMI/VGA cable near/at the bottom for easy connection to the wall-mounted LCD (which I can then rotate freely). I'd love to see a completed one!

    Also, the alternate CP option I mentioned would need to be at an angle like so:

    Notice the angle...this would modify the design of the blank panel you ship. Tahnks.

  6. The stand is a sit down version is only about 27" from floor to top of the CP.

  7. About how much would I have to pay for one of these? Release date?

  8. No release date and no pricing just yet...working on it!!

  9. Will custom control panels be available?
    Or are these made specifically for use with a VLX stick?

  10. This is designed for the VLX stick but you can also put the TE stick or any other stick that has the same depth ans the VLX or TE stick.

  11. I will also be making custom control panel for the KLX stand also. It probably going to looks somthing similar to the VLX stick.

  12. I would like to know if this is a PC or computer game stand. Thanks for such inspirational blog and photos.