Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Custom Clone Vewlix with TE stick

Here is another Vewlix based on Donovan Myers plan.
This one uses the TE sticks.

Got it sanded and primed..

Laying out the TE stick

Big mistake here for not taking apart before painting!!!!!!!!!!

Painting the two sides and Arch.

Finally completed!!!!!


  1. This is plain awesome. Tekken 6, sfii hd remix, mvc2,mvc3 and other ps3 fighters would be perfect in this.

  2. Great work man. Keep it going.

  3. Nice! You should this white version pre-painted.

  4. The problem if I prepainted I have to ship them fully assemble because I use bondo to seal the crack and holes on the arch and side legs. And once it dry it's not possible to take them apart agian.

  5. Shipping a fully assemble is very expensive...

  6. Should be about the same or maybe less cost than a standard arcade shipment via NAVL (300ish?). We could run the dimensions and weight by NAVL (800-959-8880 option 2 for gaming).

    Now how about moving the speakers to the top (red) panel so that we can use an Ergotron mount to rotate the screen for vertical shooters/visual pinball? :D

  7. Ok, saw ur other comment on the rotatng LCD issue.