Saturday, April 9, 2011

Updated Kit V4 Kraylix Custom two player

This is a updated version of my V3 to V4. This has a wider control panel and the leg/bottom cabinet are a little different. I will be selling these at end of April. Here are some pictures of the painted cabinet.

Kiddy Tourney Final Round!!!


  1. do you just sell the cab? what about the control panel, buttons, sticks, monitor, etc?

    is this set up for 360/ps3, just one or the other, arcade or PC also?

    is there somewhere where I can get more info?

  2. I sell mostly empty cabinet with empty control panel. If you want a fully completed cabinet with TV and console shoot me an email.

    You set them up how ever you want but most people who purchase set them up with an xbox/PS3.

    For information on:

  3. Just stumbled upon this tonight while looking for info on modding my TE stick. And I must say, these things are freakin amazing looking!

    Is the glossy black paint really as smooth and perfect as it looks in these photos? How do you paint them? Some kind of spray booth or something?

  4. is there any chance you will ship to mexico anytime soon? i'm really looking forward to it! BTW Amazing skills, dood!

  5. do you ship to Europe Cyprus how much is going to cost for complete empty cabinet
    please email me on

  6. Can you make a cabinet completely out of melamine board? If so, what are the drawbacks?

    1. I believe I read somewhere that Kray said he didn't like the way the Melamine chipped so easily, so he decided against using it.

  7. Would you consider making a 4 person version?

  8. Are you still making and selling these cabi ets?